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22 December 2010 @ 03:36 pm
Sleeping in the Woods  
The Unrest Kingdom.

The Unrest Kingdom.  That’s what it was called, laid to rest by cupid and faeries for their turmoil unrest lives.  Hence, they were called The Unrest Kingdom. The Kingdom was once bathed in the endless supplies of produces, rising economies and prosperity in anything they do.  Such a powerful kingdom has to be put to rest by magic power because they were too far ahead. 

Cupid, why cupid? Well, Cupid was the great ancestor of the King.  So the fairies of the land, and the great Cupid came together, with some magic, and together they put the Kingdom to rest.

The Unrest Kingdom was a home to many strange faeries, knights, creatures, Princes, fine Princes.  To have this kingdom put to rest was such a pity. 

“May this little magic guide you to the Kingdom of Unrest, to the Castle of Da West, for the biggest, best, Fest. 

From King Distress of Unrest.”